REWORK is using the new heat conduction technology, this is the leading transfer heat method which guaranty to the customer The best quality alongside the utmost safety. iREWORK is the best professional toolkit for your electronic hardware repair needs. It offers many indispensable functions and makes working in a professional repair shop much more easy.



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Package content:

  • 1 x iREWORK BOX
  • 1 x Universal PCB holder(PCB fixture)
    • 4 x M2*6 Screws
  • 1 x Wide plate
  • 1 x Silicone Protective pad
  • 1 x ESP cable
  • 1 x Repair tools kit
    • 1 x Mini suction cup
    • 1 x E-knife 8 in 1 set
    • 2 x Plastic Prying Tools
    • 3 x Anti-static Spudger Tools
    • 3 x Dual head Metal Carbon steel
    • 4 x Plastic guitar picks
  • 1 x Potective sleeve (Red Color)
  • 1 x Scaper (Yellow Color)
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x Ground cable
  • 1 x AB USB Cable







Universal PCB Holder










Product Description:

  • All functions are finely controlled using our custom made software control system with real time data display
  • General settings and operating ambient temperature ranges can be programmed using our software in order to work with or without computer
  • Has 4 integrated temperature sensors (internal temperature, heater temperature, external temperature and real time temperature tester K Type sensor)
  • High-precision temperature control algorithm system intelligently at a constant speed, and does not cause harmful phenomena such as tin explosion due to excessive heating or uneven heating
  • The heating system has automatic temperature control that can keeping temperature constant and accurate while you work, avoid overheating if the temperature is too hot or too low that case additional rework cycles
  • An integrated 0.96" OLED that can display all necessary data including state、options、temperature voltages and output power
  • A built in temperature tester function that can accurately and efficiently measure solder iron and hot air temperature (Measurement range: -125 - 600 ℃, Tolerance: ± 1 ℃) in real time . This way you can be sure your rework tools are correctly calibrated and working at peak performance
  • Intelligent automatic cooling system, which can effectively reduce the thermal stress of products after heating
  • All operability function users can customize the programming settings and perform operations on them through software
  • Default factory settings with general working conditions specification (Eg. Glue remove、IC de-soldering & Soldering、lens & touch screen assembly settings etc)
  • Heating plate made from high purity copper with an efficient method for high heat flux design that improves high heat conversion performance and effectively controls heat loss
  • Support almost mini circuit boards that can be soldered and de-soldered without the need of a soldering iron or a hot air gun. (Eg,Apple/iPad A7 A8 A9 A10 A11 A12 CPU 、baseband IC or harddisk IC and other mobile brand etc)
  • Full and partial heating can be achieved for repair circuit board (Partial heating design can effectively prevent thermal deformation)
  • Wide plate made from High Quality aerospace aluminum material that support smart phones, iPad products's glass lens, touch screens & LCD displays and battery kit separation in short time (Compatible size for 13 inch and below)
  • With Wide plate can use for baking、drying、aging etc (Eg.water-flooded components of UMT mainboard)
  • Can act as a pre-heater for your everyday needs to minimize the risk of component damage
  • Integrated with a full-automatic self-inspection system (if critical parts abnorma station will stop working while use)
  • Intelligent power saving function that automatically adjusts and controls power consumption (standby mode 1-2W)
  • Integrated with self-resetting overheat protection
  • Warning alerts and sound alerts
  • Voltage overload protection integrated
  • Short circuit detection integrated
  • Automatic shutdown function integrated
  • Lifetime free software upgrades and more

Technical Data:

  • Ambient Operating Temperature: 0 - 50°C
  • Maximum Enclosure Temperature: 52°C
  • Operating voltage: 230VAC/50-60Hz
  • Output Power: 300 Watts
  • Heating Ramp up (indoor temperatures 28°C): 1°C/sec
  • Cooling down ratio (indoor temperatures 28°C): 0.45°C/sec.
  • Temperature Range:Room temperature - 350 ℃
  • Temperature Tolerance: ± 3 ℃
  • Thermal recovery: 0.11 sec
  • iREWORK Box Size: 230*90*45 MM
  • Package Size: 350*280*100 MM
  • Gross Weight: 3.7Kg
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